Cat Clinic Pricing

Exam Fees

First/single animal
Each Additional Animal

(same visit)

Intact animal


Rabies (1 Year)
Rabies (3 Years)

**must provide proof of prior rabies vaccination**


Wellness Packages

Indoor Packages

Rabies (1 year) and FVRCP
Rabies (3 years) and FVRCP

Outdoor Packages

Rabies (1 year), FVRCP, FeLV
Rabies (3 years), FVRCP, FeLV

Other Services

FeLV/FIV testing

Recommended for all cats with an unknown history and any cat that has potentially been exposed to FeLV or FIV.

Pyrantel pamoate

hookworm & roundworm dewormer (recommended as basic kitten dewormer)

Praziquantel injection

tapeworm dewormer (recommended for pets that have recently had fleas and/or pets that have passed tapeworms in their stool)

Nail Trim